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My Happy Feet: Why Do You Need to Realign Your Big Toe

When it comes to maintaining and establishing the health of your feet and toes, realigning your big toe to its natural position is very important. One of the most effective and powerful ways to prevent foot problems is by restoring the normal position or alignment of the big toe, so it is in line with the metatarsal bone. Achieve improved foot functioning through the restoration of big toe alignment and help prevent foot problems such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas. Because of wearing conventional footwear, many people have big toes that are deviated toward the midline of their feet.

Many people have big toes that sit obviously at an angle corresponding to the metatarsal bone, most especially the fifth toe, causing a deviation from their normal and intended positions. This is a common big toe configuration referred to as hallux valgus. The heel elevation and forces of tapering toe boxes are responsible for this common big toe deformity due to the great amount of pressure or force on wedged toes. Traditional socks may also contribute to the foot and toe deviation, applying pinch forces on the toes. The toes are intended to be spread well apart, like the foot shape of infants and people from barefoot cultures. The benefits of restoring the proper alignment of the big toe helps in the restoration of the proper orientation of sesamoid bone, enhancing the distribution of balance and weight, boosting intrinsic muscle strength of the feet, reinforcing the natural arch support, preventing excessive pronation of the feet, preventing ankle sprains, and enhancing the blood flow on the plantar fascia.

The arch of the foot is most stable when the forefoot and heel are positioned on the level plant and the toes are splayed well apart. Using correct toe spacers is a great way to restore the natural alignment of the toes, most especially the big toe. Toe spacers are usually made of medical-grade silicone which is durable and comfortable. Another method to realign your toes is wearing toe alignment socks from a trusted and reputable company such as My Happy Feet. Unlike traditional socks, toe alignment socks don’t contribute to the deformation of the big toe, so they allow the toes to spay the normal way.

It is crucial to adopt foot-healthy footwear to restore the proper orientation of the big toe. You can loop an elastic rubber band around your big toes, gently spreading your feet apart to stretch the big toes away from the rest of the toes and foot can help realign your big toe. taking good care of your feet is very important because they bear all your weight and we use them to walk, run, and move from one place to another.

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